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The most important thing to remember is that cosmetic dentistry is a specific branch of dentistry, and not all dentists are qualified to perform cosmetic dental procedures. Before undergoing any procedure, make sure your dentist is a qualified cosmetic dentist. He or she should have specific cosmetic-dentistry-specific training, and should belong to at least one cosmetic dental organization such as the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, PAC-Live or the American Society of Dental Aesthetics. The Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies is generally considered to be the preeminent cosmetic dentistry school in the United States - if your dentist is a graduate of LVI, you can be assured that you're in good hands.

The type of cosmetic dental procedure required depends entirely upon the needs of the individual patient. From chips to gaps to stains to a myriad of other dental problems - each patient's mouth and dental condition is different. Only a qualified cosmetic dentist can help you explore your options. There is no such thing as a routine procedure.

However, while each procedure is unique to the individual, all cosmetic dental procedures are safe and, in the hands of a professional cosmetic dentist, virtually error-free and painless. That great smile you've always wanted really is literally only weeks, or even days, away.

Tooth whitening is one of the most common cosmetic dental procedures, and there is definitely a benefit to having your teeth whitened under the supervision of a cosmetic dentist as opposed to over-the-counter methods. A qualified cosmetic dentist - such as an LVI-trained dentist - is able to give you teeth which are whiter, more even and more natural than an over-the-counter product can ever achieve. Tooth whitening is a relatively simple and inexpensive procedure - involving either in-office laser-based treatments or at-home bleaching trays - and the benefits of working with a professional cosmetic dentist far outweigh any perceived ease of over-the-counter products.

Most other cosmetic dental procedures revolve around damaged, misaligned and crooked teeth. There are several options to repair a "broken smile" and, again, the procedures applied depend upon the individual patient's specific needs. However, the most common categories of repair typically involve the placement of veneers, bridges, dental bonding and dentures. These - generally - cover and/or replace damaged teeth. For more extensive repair, instant orthodontics is a popular option. Like regular orthodontics - but faster - instant orthodontics is a great, expedient way to repair misaligned teeth.

Cosmetic dental repair is about more than just vanity. An improved smile can increase your confidence, your happiness and your life overall. Also, a nicer smile is a healthier smile. Gaps and misaligned teeth increase your risk for bacterial infection and tooth loss. Cosmetic dentistry won't just improve your smile, it will also improve your health.

If you have a "broken smile" contact a qualified LVI-trained dentist today. A dazzling, healthier smile is easier, more affordable and available sooner than you think! Cosmetic dentistry - it truly is something worth smiling about!


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