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A nice, white smile is a wonderful way to face the world. Not only do most people find a nice smile attractive, you'll also find yourself becoming more outgoing and confident. A nice, white smile is more than just a cosmetic addition - it will also add numerous other tangible benefits to your life. It's easy to see why tooth whitening is one of the most popular cosmetic treatments people receive.

Many people try over-the-counter tooth whitening products, but the results are nowhere near as good as what can be accomplished via a cosmetic dentist. Over-the-counter products produce a uniform look which - in most people - creates a very unnatural look, one which is much too bright.

A qualified cosmetic dentist, however, can achieve a natural look.

There are two basic methods a cosmetic dentist can use to whiten your teeth. One is an in-office treatment, such a BriteSmile. A special gel is applied to your teeth, and then a laser is used to activate the gel, which then whitens your teeth. This procedure is quick and easy - it usually takes only one treatment! Only a qualified cosmetic dentist can apply the gel properly - just the right amount must be used to create a natural look.

The second type of professional whitening method is an at-home procedure. A custom-made mouth tray is created for you. Then, at home, you place a special gel into the tray. Depending on the degree of whitening required, you'll wear the gel-filled tray either all night, or for a few hours each day, for a length of time that's determined by your dentist.

Only a qualified cosmetic dentist can determine which procedure - and, more importantly, which strength of procedure - is right for you. The end result is beautiful, bright, stain-free smile - but not one which forsakes a natural look.

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If you have yellow, brown or otherwise stained teeth, contact us today for a consultation. Whitening - when done under a professional setting - is not only completely safe, it's wonderfully effective. A nice, bright smile is right around the corner!


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