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Staining, aging, or chemical damage can cause tooth enamel to become discolored. Some of the more common causes of staining are medications (such as Tetracycline), coffee, tea, cigarettes and cola drinks.

To remove discoloration, the tooth enamel must be whitened. There are two basic categories of procedures used to whiten enamel. They are in-office procedures and at-home procedures.

In-Office techniques typically take just one office visit, after which there will be a very dramatic, sudden change of color. In-Office techniques involve a translucent bleaching gel which is applied to the teeth, followed by the application of a special activating light. Crystals in the gel absorb the energy from the light and penetrate the tooth enamel, which lightens the color of the teeth.

The procedure typically takes about two hours, although times may vary based on the degree of discoloration you may have.

The In-Home technique involves the creation of a custom-fitted tray. A small amount of bleaching gel -- available only through a cosmetic dentist -- is then placed in the tray and worn for a brief amount of time each day. Sometimes the tray is worn for a few hours each day, other times it is worn during the night, while you sleep.

This is a more gradual process than in-office procedures, with results usually finalizing in about one to two weeks.

Tooth whitening is a relatively simple cosmetic dentistry procedure. Only a qualified cosmetic dentist can determine which route it best for you, but if you have discolored or stained teeth you should know that a dazzling whiter smile can be literally only hours away!

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